Traveling Is The Best Way To Become A Better Person — Here’s Why

Tom Kuegler
5 min readSep 27, 2018
“girl sitting on rock near body of water at daytime” by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos on Unsplash

The other day someone I followed on Instagram asked a simple question..

What is the best way to grow personally?

She then listed three options..

  1. Education
  2. Personal Connections
  3. Traveling

At first my thumb hovered over the “B” on my keyboard. ‘Of course it’s personal connections! They can mentor you, open up doors for AWESOME jobs, and generally help you “level up” in life in a very practical way.’ I thought.

Education was a good one, too, because after 4 years of college you can get a job and have better opportunities.

It was also practical.

But then I saw traveling — the answer that was most near and dear to my heart — and I almost wrote it off immediately.

What good can seeing a mountain do for you? Or a waterfall? Or going on long, uncomfortable flights?

What can a boyish/girlish idea of traveling where you go f*ck off somewhere for 3 weeks while posting really beautiful Instagram pictures REALLY do for you?

Then, in an instant, I thought about it a different way..

Traveling Is Actually What Helped Me Grow The Most

Two years ago I went on a 5-month road trip across the country by myself.

Because of the “interesting-ness” of this experience, I became a writer at the Huffington Post, interviewed the writer of Disney’s Treasure Planet, and got to meet my favorite author ever — Miki Agrawal.



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