Nobody Is Going To Read This

That’s what my brain starts with. One sentence in and I’m already reeling. Hitting the backspace to oblivion.

Why do I write anyway? Is it for the fame or the euphoria of expression?

Nobody is going to read this. Nobody cares. Your Mom will like it and that’s it. You’ll wake up the next day to zero recommends and 5 views. You’re not even a good writer.

That’s what I tell myself sometimes.

For the past hour I’ve juggled a bevy of topics to write about in my mind and chosen none of them. I’m supposed to write for my travel publication called Finding Tom, but fuck it, this doesn’t fit there and I know it.

This has nothing to do with travel.

I admit I’ve fallen into a zombie-like state as a writer lately. Gary Vaynerchuk wrote in his book #AskGaryVee that content creators are just one solid piece away from changing their life. I read a post just yesterday about a guy who garnered 103,000 email subscribers with one article.

I’m Too Into The Numbers

I wrote out my goals for February and they all have to do with getting a certain number of views, subscribers, and visitors.

What happened to connecting with people?

I think I am. I think I’m legitimately opening up my soul for every article. The problem is the feeling I get when they don’t take off.

The truth is if I keep connecting then the views, subscribers, and visitors will take care of themselves. Yeah, there’s a certain strategy to things, but I’m too focused on the numbers.

It feels nice to be honest right now.

The Regurgitation Of Content

The truth is I see the same articles on Medium over and over again. It’s 10 ways to follow your passion and 9 things you need to do when you wake up. Not to mention the listicle about all the things successful people do.


I’m sick of it. The internet’s full of it. That’s the stuff I write half the time. Go ahead and look at my publications and profiles.

After being in content writing for the past two years, I’ve seen how far people will go for a click. On Facebook I saw an article about the Han Solo movie. The headline’s first three words went as follows:

Han’s First Shot

If you’re a Star Wars buff like I am, you know there’s a huge debate over whether Han Solo shot the bounty hunter first in A New Hope. Some variation of “Han shot first” is probably a hot topic on Google at all times of the day.

Han did shoot first, by the way.

Clearly this writer was trying to hop on that bandwagon and steal a few views in the process. “Han’s First Shot” isn’t even a good title. What about “The First Shot Of The Han Solo Movie Is Officially In The Books.”

It’s actually ingenious, but deep down I know what that writer was doing.

Our Goal As Content Creators

In the end, our goal as content creators on the internet is to sell somebody something at some point. Whether that’s a headline to get views which leads to ad revenue, a free ebook to get an email, or a variety of other things.

Are these practices bad? Not if you’re providing value! I know Gary Vee would agree with me on that.

I don’t even have a problem with those writers who have 500 recommends on every article they write that seem to say the same thing over and over again.

My Major Problem As A Writer

I think my problem is that I’m getting way too invested in numbers. When I don’t get them, it takes away all the fun of writing.

It sucks because I know I’ll check the reads and recommends on this one tomorrow.

On that note I’ll end with a promise to myself. I’m going to quit checking the numbers so much. I’m going to quit refreshing the Medium app 25 times per day (true story). I’m going to quit all of that.

I’ll check my stories one time every day. I’ll leave Medium where it is. I’m going to enjoy the act of writing again and connecting with all of you on this wonderful platform.

This is normally the part where I throw my ebook at you in hopes you’ll download it, but I’m not going to. If you really want to find it, you can head over to any of my publications and get it.

Do you feel the same way? Let’s chat in the comments down below.



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