I’ve Been A Little Negative Lately And I’m Sorry

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Hey everyone!

You know, it’s been a crazy 18 months for me.

To be specific, I’ve gone through the worst case of burnout I’ve ever experienced.

It got so bad I found it difficult to sit down to work for the last two months. I’ve been a shell of myself both emotionally and professionally, and the stress I experienced led me to write some really intense stuff here on Medium that, looking back, I am ashamed of.

I want to be a source of positivity and guidance to both the younger generation and writers who want to share their story.

I don’t want to sling mud around.

So I am sorry if what I wrote offended you.

Does this mean the stuff I wrote wasn’t true?

Absolutely not.

All of it was what I felt and still feel. All the stuff I wrote about Medium, Medium writers, etc. were my unfiltered thoughts.

The problem was, I didn’t filter them.

I should’ve.

I shouldn’t have called out an entire group of people — I.E. middle aged women on Medium — when I really only meant two writers from my past who openly attacked me for B.S. reasons who also happened to be middle-aged.

I should’ve been more precise. I should’ve been more careful. I am a writer after all, and precision of language means everything in this profession.

I no doubt alienated a lot of people from my writing and shocked a portion of my loyal readers as well.

That is the price I paid, and I will live with that.

Being real is very important to me. At that moment in time, in the midst of a very stressful moment, I wrote things that I really felt.

But like those famous Snickers commercials, we are not who we seem to be in our worst moments. Our “real selves” come out when we feel more at ease. And I am very happy to say that after about two weeks of not working, I feel way more at ease.

I am not writing this for damage control. I am not writing this to win anybody back to my side. I still have lots of people who read me here and on LinkedIn.

And the people who got really upset with me will no doubt use this article as a way to say “HAH! See! I WAS RIGHT!”

That’s fine, too.

I will continue to write things that I feel are important. I will try to do so without throwing shade at anybody in the process.

I will try my best to be better as a writer.

This is what I love to do. I am blessed that anybody even gives a damn about my thoughts and opinions. I need to take more care with my words in the future.

Thank you for reading, and I apologize.



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