I Went To A Christian College For 4 Years And It Was Weird

Tom Kuegler
6 min readJun 1, 2023
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First off, if you’re a Christian, don’t take this personally. I know a lot of great Christian people (my parents are Christians), so I don’t mean to bash a whole religion here.

I just want to talk about my experience at a Christian college — which included raging hypocrisy, infuriating rules, and endless gossiping.

I attended Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania from 2012–2015.

It was a sh*t show.

I went there to wrestle. They had one of the best D3 programs in the country for wrestling, and I had dreams to be an All-American.

They recruited me out of high school, and their coaching staff and standing at the Division 3 level was a big draw for me to commit.

So I did. Even though I didn’t care much about Christianity.

My School Had The Weirdest Rules

Messiah had a mixed bag of people.

Mostly everybody at this school was a raging Christian, but we also had stoners, partyers, atheists, foreign exchange students, and super intelligent people.

The thing was, everyone who was “cool” (I.E. people who drank, smoked, or had an actual personality) hid their alter-ego from everybody.



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