I Was Wrong — I Need To Admit This Publicly

“Chess board with black pieces and white pieces and some of the white pieces are down” by Luiz Hanfilaque on Unsplash

I Then Got Corrected

But then I thought about it and realized these people were right. Further, I realized something even more profound about being proven right/wrong that I feel I need to highlight.

There Is Honestly Nothing Wrong With Being Wrong

Like, you could either help someone feel 100% positive about being wrong or 1,000,000% destroyed about being wrong depending on HOW YOU GO ABOUT TELLING THEM.

It Says More To Admit You’re Wrong Than Trying To Prove You’re Right

I’m not saying you should just admit you’re wrong all the time because that’s going to win you favor with everyone.

I Want To See More People Admit That They’re Wrong

Sometimes I’m downright rude. Sometimes I have a lot of pride so it’s hard for me to respond to someone’s response with grace instead of venom.

“If you can be open with your weaknesses it will make you freer and will help you deal with them better. I urge you to not be embarrassed about your problems, recognizing that everyone has them.”

Ray Dalio, Principles: Life and Work

Why I Didn’t Know About Collab Posts On Medium

Because I’m literally so busy creating. Gary Vee says he doesn’t really pay attention to what everybody else is doing because he’s so busy doing him (I’m paraphrasing).

I thought this platform didn’t have enough creativity because I don’t really pay attention to the writers who write amazing fiction pieces day in and day out.

I See Two Mediums, Though

The fiction-oriented side and the non-fiction oriented side. One group of writers normally publishes stories/poetry while the other group normally publishes life lessons and other topics.

A Quick Shout-Out To Those I Wronged

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