How I’m Prepping For This GDPR Regulation B.S.

*NOTE* I’m horrible with details. I probably missed a bunch of details in that. Don’t take what I say in this article for gospel and please consult with a lawyer before you do anything about GDPR.

This doesn’t sound that bad, but then I heard that you need to screen your existing list to see who is from the EU and who is not and get their consent before May 25, 2018–when the regulation comes into effect.

What I’m Going To Do About GDPR

Okay, so to be clear, I collect email addresses from three different places. First, sometimes I drive people straight to WebinarJam’s hosted landing pages so they can sign up for my webinars.

What I’m Doing For Mailchimp GDPR Compliance

Mailchimp drives maybe 5 subscribers per week for me. I still use it because why not? 5 subscribers per week x 10 weeks = 50 new subscribers I can email. I’ll take them all.

What I’m Doing For WebinarJam GDPR Compliance

WebinarJam has sucked in terms of letting any of their customers know what the heck they’re doing for GDPR. You know why? Cause I don’t think they’re doing anything about it. They aren’t taking it seriously to be honest.

After scouring the Google (yes, THE Google) for a few minutes typing in lots of variations to “GDPR COMPLIANCE WEBINARJAM,” I found absolutely nothing. It’s like the company as a whole is ignoring it.

So that means I have to take matters into my own hands (which sucks).

What I’m Doing For ConvertKit GDPR Compliance

Okay, so here’s where everything comes full circle.

The only problem (and I mean only) is that I can’t tell whether any email address I physically import from other places (like Mailchimp or WebinarJam) is from the EU or not..

BUT, when people open or click on an email of mine, ConvertKit can then figure out if they are. *BINGO*

  1. I’m going to destroy every link outside ConvertKit that goes to my WebinarJam landing pages.
  2. I’m going to send a harmless email to my entire list shouting out a recent video/post of mine.

My Final Thoughts About GDPR

Nobody knows how the EU is going to enforce the new GDPR regulations.

Will they check someone out after someone complains? If so, I feel REALLY good about what I’ve done. I don’t think the maybe 2–3 people from the EU who slip through the cracks of my above process will go out of their way to inform anybody that they’re getting emails from a 25-year-old who just wants to see them succeed as a writer.

They’ll probably just unsubscribe.

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