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My writing is like a metal concert or something. It’s just a bunch of loud sounds that somehow make a harmony. To tell you the truth, I don’t know why my blog posts work.

I sit down, write one sentence, then write the next sentence, and I see where it takes me. It’s a very spiritual experience that I find hard to put into words. I detail my process in my courses, but wrangling down those lessons from my brain was quite difficult.

One sentence incites the next, which incites the next, and then before I know it, I’m done one hour later. …

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I remember reading a book called Do Cool Sh*t seven years ago at my local bookstore. Without this book I’d probably still be making salads at Panera Bread like I was three months after college graduation.

The author’s story captivated me. It was about a woman who started her own gluten free pizza restaurant in New York City with no restaurant experience.

She somehow made everything fun.

One time she snuck into a newspaper company right past heavy security to hand deliver a package of pizzas to the staff to win some free publicity. She just acted like she was on her phone. It was hilarious. She also played professional soccer and told funny stories about how she ditched her tour party in Paris to go play soccer in the park with strangers. …

I’m sorry to write this, but it’s necessary.

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I am horrible at speaking Tagalog. Writing it, I’m even worse.

For those who don’t know, Tagalog is the national language of the Philippines. If you told me to write a 4-sentence paragraph in Tagalog, I’d probably start bleeding from my nose after the first sentence.

I say that because when I see folks from countries like Brazil, Mexico, Germany, or the Philippines actually make a go of writing in English, I can’t help but want to treat them like some sort of a mythical being.

It’s incredible that someone can learn a second language and write a blog post in that language that averages only 1–2 grammatical errors per paragraph. I just can’t believe it. …

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“The average daily salary in Philippines is $10 per day, and Americans are complaining about wearing masks.”

I wrote that little status up 15 minutes ago and posted it on Facebook.

It won’t go viral or anything, but it’s true.

Americans, to me, are spoiled brats.

Oddly enough, this is a statement that both conservatives and liberals agree with me on. Conservatives agree because many of the things liberals get upset about are basically pointless (Amen and Awoman, anyone?).

I’d agree with them there.

Liberals agree because many of the things conservatives get upset about are basically pointless (Oh no, you’re requiring me to wear a mask?!?). …

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Normally my message is this: Everyone can write.

Everyone can learn how to write well. It just takes practice and a little bit of time.

However, I’ve recently realized this might not be the case.

Not everyone should be a writer. Why? Because I see so many articles that are essentially the same thing. Clones. They clone the advice from another blog post and pass it off as something “new.”

It ain’t new, and to me that’s not quality.

Well, it’s not quality when that’s all you do as a writer.

True writers write about what THEY know, not what somebody else knows. …

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As I looked around the Urgent Care center yesterday I saw a bunch of Americans in front of me.

Americans living their life.

I live in Bel Air, Maryland, and many folks from this area have a certain accent. We jumble words together. The women say “hun!” a lot. We have our own personalities and cultural norms.

What I’ve realized from living in the Philippines for 2 years is the way we interact with people is more a product of our environment than our personality.

Why do many people from Bel Air, Maryland sound similar? Why do so many Filipinos sing karaoke at big gatherings? …

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“I hate swarmy online sales methods!”

I hear that a lot from fellow writers who don’t want to sell digital products online.

On one hand I can understand where they’re coming from. Nobody likes a try-hard salesperson who keeps their “secrets” tight to the vest and is out to screw everybody out of their money.

On the other hand, this simply isn’t selling.

Good selling is about delivering a great product, not swarmy sales tactics.

It’s not like online course sellers have the power of mind control, either. …

That way you won’t miss anything

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Years ago I read an article telling me to write down 100 goals. It changed my life.

Work hard in 2021 to get results

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Last March I decided to write 40 blog posts for my website, I did SEO research, wrote 700 word articles, and basically pounded out two posts per day. After a month’s worth of work, I had 40 new blog posts up on my site, just waiting for Google to wink at them.

And Google did.

It’s helped me make $200,000 online

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A few years ago, I was at the end of my rope. A freelancing client closed up shop overnight, and $100 per day vanished just like that from my life. I was caught with no backup plan.

I went to go eat pizza, even though I was allergic to bread.

I’m a stress-eater, what can I say?

I realized in that moment that I wanted to be a blogger for a long time, but I didn’t have enough confidence to sell something. That’s why I hadn’t taken that next step yet. With my back against the wall, and no alternatives, I decided to just go for it. …


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