8 Reasons Prison Break Is Better Than Money Heist

Images courtesy of FOX and Netflix

1. Michael Scofield Is A Better Main Character Than The Professor

Remember in Season 2 of MH when the Professor tried to poison his girlfriend’s mother?

Michael Scofield is one of the greatest characters ever written in television history.

Past Michael Scofield, the list of interesting characters in Prison Break — when compared to Money Heist — admittedly falls off a cliff a little.

2. There Is More At Stake In Prison Break

Prison Break is about a guy trying to save his brother from death. Money Heist is about a bunch of cons who want to steal a bunch of money. They’re also trying to start a revolution.. or something?

3. I Watch Prison Break For The Characters. I Watch Money Heist To See A Chess Match.

My favorite parts of Money Heist have nothing to do with the characters. I don’t give a f*ck that the Professor fell in love with the Inspector.

4. Money Heist’s Characters Aren’t All That Lovable

I don’t like Tokyo as a character. I find her incredibly annoying and childish. Monica is useless. She became useless after season 2. I loved her in season 1+2, but she’s not a stone cold con like the rest of them, so whenever she points a gun at anyone it makes me want to laugh.

5. The Writing In Money Heist Has So Many Inconsistencies

Prison Break has a lot of “filler episodes” in Season 1+4. And there’s a lot of manufactured B.S. that happens in the show just to get all the main characters together in the same room. I get that.

6. The Social Issues Are Not Jammed Down Our Throat In Prison Break

Prison Break is a show about two brothers. But what makes it extra powerful is that it’s naturally set against a backdrop of prison reform, government corruption, global manipulation by America, and how corporations have more power than politicians.

7. Prison Break Has Better Villains

Who is the villain of Money Heist season 1+2? I’ll wait.

8. Prison Break Has The Best Season

Prison Break Season 2 buries any other season of both shows by a long-shot. I think Season 1 of Prison Break is better than any season of Money Heist as well.

In Conclusion..

Prison Break is not a perfect show. I have MAJOR qualms with a lot of the writing and decision making — particularly in season 4. For instance, Lincoln is largely a useless character after Season 2. He just doesn’t need to be there. I also find it ridiculous how T-Bag and Brad Bellick happened to get into the same prison that Michael did in Panama. The writers did that to have these characters in the show, though. I get that. But still.

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