5 Important Lessons ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Taught Me

Photo courtesy of John Staub/Netflix

1. Too Much Nationalism Is A Bad Thing

In one episode Aang gets trapped inside a Fire Nation school. Even though he could just leave at the end of the day and never come back, the writers decided that Aang was going to enjoy it.

2. There Are Good And Bad People Everywhere

In Season three there’s an episode called “The Puppetmaster” about a creepy water-bending woman living in the Fire Nation.

3. People Will Discriminate, Even If You Just Saved Them

In one of the saddest episodes, Prince Zuko defends Earth Nation civilians against a local band of dirty soldiers — who are also coincidentally Earth Nation.

4. Always Endeavor To Find A Non-Violent Solution

In the last episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Aang faces off against Firelord Ozai.

5. People Deserve Second Chances

There’s a character named ‘Jet’ who’s introduced to us in Season 1. At first he seems like a cool guy living with a rag-tag group of freedom fighters in the woods, but that changes after he reveals his plan to destroy a Fire Nation dam which will also destroy a village down-stream.

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