10 Things You Need To Know About Introverts

1. Our Personal Time Is Everything

We’re all for going out and possibly even being the life of the party on occasion, but after all the hooplah dies down we need loads of time to recharge. No, we probably won’t come out for mimosas tomorrow.

2. We Love When Extroverts Do The Talking

It’s nice going out with an extrovert. They take all the conversational weight off my shoulders and bounce around to everyone at the bar/party while dragging me along.

3. We Assume Things Way Too Much

I’m hypersensitive as all-get-out. I love being around extroverts because they always let me know exactly where their feelings lie.

4. We Don’t Pay Attention To What Everybody Else Is Paying Attention To

At a baseball game, I sometimes watch anything BUT the field. I notice the aisle greeters showing people their seats. I notice that one couple a few rows down who seem to hate each other’s guts. I notice that one little screen way up in the top deck showing how fast the pitcher’s throwing.

5. We’re Wrong A Lot, But Sometimes We See What Nobody Else Does

Loving to be alone with our thoughts means we think about things about 10 times more than anybody else.

6. We’re Easily Hurt (And We Want An Apology Without Mentioning It)

My best friend hasn’t called me for weeks. We used to talk on the phone once every 6-7 days, and I’m hurt by that.

7. We Get Flustered

The easy definition of an introvert is one that recharges their batteries when they’re alone. This means that every gathering we go to slowly strips away at our social endurance until we need to be by ourselves.

8. We Can’t Explain Things As Well As We’d Like

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt helpess because I couldn’t explain something the way that it was in my mind. Yeah, I can write up a storm, but in the moment I can’t think of much to say that’s going to back up my point.

9. Once We Let You In, We’ll Do Anything For You (To A Fault)

I have a handful of friends. I don’t have many because I like to funnel most of my time into the one or two relationships that mean a lot to me.

10. We’re Best One-On-One

My favorite memories of my best friend and I involve us hanging out alone watching movies and bullshitting about life. That’s where I’m at my best.

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